**Available for Central Coast, Newcastle, Hunter & Port Stephens ONLY**

  • Inspection and testing of existing equipment for compliance, such as smoke alarms and egress doors.

  • Design and installation of A4 evacuation diagrams (up to 4, equivalent to 3 bedrooms), including NSW emergency App QR code, generic or site-specific emergency information.

  • Supply and installation of smoke and/or heat alarms where required (wireless interconnected with non-removable 10-year lithium batteries)

  • Emergency information provided

Additional Items

  • Floor Plan Drafting (when plans cannot be provided)

  • Interlinked wireless smoke alarms

  • 2.5kg ABE DCP fire extinguisher + 1.8 x 1.2m fire blanket 

  • Brooks garage/house wireless smoke & heat alarms & relevant notification signage 

  • Evacuation Diagram/s (when more than 4 are required)

  • Certificate of Compliance **available upon request**


If your dwelling includes a locked garage


A heat alarm must be installed in any private garage attached to the dwelling, that is not associated with the dwelling.
This means heat alarms must be installed in a private garage that forms part of the dwelling, located beside or beneath the dwelling, that is locked and not accessible to the guest.

In these circumstances a heat alarm must be installed in the locked private garage, interlinked to smoke alarms in the dwelling by either 240 volts interlinked or wireless.

Notification signs must be installed in the private garage and dwelling advising the guest of this situation.
The intent of this legislation is to provide guests, that do not have access to the garage of a potential building fire where they cannot reasonably investigate the situation.

A detached Class 1a residential dwelling does not require a fire extinguisher or blanket under the regulations, however, some hosts may choose to have them installed. If this is the case, please select these items when placing an order.

During the initial assessment, we may determine that the existing smoke alarms are non-compliant with the new regulations, out of date or not working, and in such cases, the installation of the required wireless smoke alarms would be required.

Evacuation diagrams (plans), including “You are here” and the NSW Government Emergency App QR Code, will be installed and secured on the wall near the entry door, and each bedroom, with lightweight, brushed A4 aluminium frames with double-sided tape.

Please note: for all areas outside of these regions, please refer to our remote services page.


Domestic or Residential buildings being single, standalone houses or houses attached horizontally, such as terrace houses, row houses or townhouses.


Class 1 includes two (2) sub-classifications:

  • Class 1a – a single dwelling or one of a group of attached dwellings. Example – Town House

  • Class 1b – a boarding house, guest house or hostel with a total floor area not exceeding 300m2 where no more than 12 people reside. This dwelling cannot be located above or below another dwelling.

Not sure of your building classification? Download the classification booklet below. 

Download Classifications.jpg

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